Your Questions about Aeration and Overseed *ANSWERED!*

What is aeration anyway?

Aeration is the process of creating air space in your lawn to break up compact soil which allows water, nutrients, and roots to penetrate deeper into the ground. The result is an all-natural way to a thicker, healthier lawn.

What are the benefits of aerating?

Your grass will grow stronger and your yard will become more vibrant. You’ll boost your lawn’s immune system against diseases, and it will become more drought tolerant, important for those hot summer days. Aeration is also good for repairing damage (bare spots); it helps flatten out “bumps” creating a smoother surface. Additionally, it increases absorption to decrease drainage issues.

What are the benefits of overseeding?

By periodically introducing new types of desirable grass seed to your lawn, we help increase the bio-diversity of your property which protects it from disease and drought, increases longevity, and requires less watering. It also helps create even coloration on your lawn and can even repair “pet damage”. Hate weeds? Aeration helps! More grass, less weeds.

How often do I really NEED to aerate?

To keep your lawn in peak condition, you need to plan to aerate every 1-2 years. This is an average but the exact answer could fluctuate depending on the age, soil conditions, and traffic of your yard. In Wisconsin, we vary between hot, dry summers and the freezing and thawing cycle of wet, cold winters which really compacts the soil. Remember, your lawn is an investment just like your home and aeration helps to protect that investment.

I’m not sure how old my yard is. How do I find out?

Do you have mature trees? If yes, they are taking vital nutrients away from your grass and it’s time to schedule an aeration. Or is your lawn new construction (less than 5 years old)? If yes, aeration increases soil health, encouraging lush, thick grass to grow (and choke out weeds).

I know my lawn’s age but I’m still not convinced I need aeration. How do I know?

We suggest the following:

  • The 6-inch screwdriver test – Try to push the screwdriver directly down into the turf. If it doesn’t go in all of the way, the soil is too compact and you need aeration.
  • Thinning of grass – Look at your lawn. Can you see thinning patches? These can be caused by shallow roots, which are unable to get nutrients deep in the soil.
  • Does your lawn look like a patchwork quilt instead of evenly colored with a consistent texture and appearance?
  • Is your soil uneven or bumpy with areas that are extra dry or retain excessive moisture?

I’ve been seeing aerations as low as $99. Why the price difference?

Unlike other companies, we continuously optimize every step of our aeration to provide the best results for your yard. We start with the best equipment on the market (not a rental from the local hardware store). Using state-of-the-art equipment, we reach depths of 5 1/2 inches instead of the average 1/2 inch to 1 inch. The best part? We can do it without tearing up your lawn, leaving a messy driveway, or unsightly cores lying on top of the lawn.  

What are some of the other differences?

Aeration is not one-size-fits-all. The same highly-trained techs are on your lawn year-round so they can make the right choice for the right equipment and the right type of seed for your individual lawn. They pay careful attention to the weather patterns and schedule services to maximize results as well as your return on investment. We have four different types of aeration methods and equipment to get the job done right.

Is there anything else I need to do besides aeration?

We cannot stress the last step of fall prep enough – Fall Fertilization. Just like many animals store food for hibernation, your yard needs extra nutrients before it goes to sleep. By fertilizing after aeration, benefits run deep! We provide essential “food” which is easily absorbed helping grass withstand the long cold winter. Fall fertilization minimizes winter damage and creates an extra “green” boost in springtime.

We have limited spaces available on our fall aeration schedule.

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