Lawn & Garden Services

Signature Lawn Care Program (5 services in 4 visits)

Treatment #1:
Early Spring

Nutrient-rich wake-up call for your lawn; replenishes depleted soil following winter dormancy, and allows for deeper root mass and density needed for healthy spring growth.

Treatment #2:
Late Spring

Builds strength and stamina to protect and maintain through harsh summer conditions of heat, humidity, and drought. A separate grub control treatment eliminates beetles at their infant stage (grubs).

Treatment #3:
Late Summer/Early Fall (July/Aug/Sept)

Nutrients enhance your lawn’s immune system to endure heat, drought and slower growing conditions as well as an increase in disease and insect activity.

Treatment #4:
Fall Winterization

One of the most important treatments of the year; delivers nutrients to get your lawn through its winter hibernation so it wakes up in the Spring healthy and vibrant.

“Power Combo” Lawn + Insect Plan

Signature Lawn Care Program + All Natural Insect Service


Aeration and Overseeding

Introduce new, beautiful, disease and drought resistant grass seed into your new or existing lawn. Helps to rejuvenate tired looking lawns. Decompacting soil to adding allow air, water and nutrients to help roots grow stronger, deeper and thicker. A stronger lawn encourages natural resistance to weeds, disease and insects and lowers need for chemical.

Disease and Fungal Management

Rust – Fairy Ring – Necrotic Ring Spot – Brown Patch – Red Thread – Summer Patch – Leaf Spot

Soil Analysis

We partner with UW-Madison Department of Turf and Pathology to identify diseases and abnormal soil conditions. Then we use lab results to fix the problem.

Biodynamic Services

We apply delicious compost or compost tea to your garden beds to help them look beautiful.

Lawn Mowing

Weekly lawn mowing – the healthiest height, at the right time.

Organic Garden Fertilizing

Timely, healthy nutrition for your organic fruits and veggies.