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Merton, a hidden gem nestled within the scenic landscapes of Wisconsin, is a city known for its lush lawns, vibrant parks, and the residents’ commitment to preserving its natural beauty. The community’s love for outdoor activities and a thriving environment has led to a greater focus on meticulous lawn care, and with it, an increasing need for eco-friendly solutions. Merton’s diverse climate, thriving flora, and distinct seasons each present unique lawn care needs that require professional, localized knowledge to maintain the town’s picturesque ambiance.

What We Do

Professional Service

Our professional lawn and pest services provide meticulous care to your green spaces, utilizing advanced techniques and eco-friendly products that promote lush growth, disease resistance, and pest control, leading to healthier, more vibrant lawns. Additionally, our trained and certified experts save you time and effort, while ensuring a comprehensive approach to pest management, minimizing potential infestations and keeping your outdoor areas both safe and enjoyable.


Lawn Care

We can help you with everything from seeds to weeds. You’ll have the healthiest lawn in the greenest way possible. Your lawn will be thanking you!


Insect & Pest

Our insect and pest services utilize eco-friendly solutions to identify, eradicate and prevent a wide range of pest infestations, ensuring a safe and healthy environment


Tree & Shrub Care

Our grub control service delivers targeted, effective treatments to eliminate destructive lawn grubs, ensuring the health and vitality of your turf while preventing infestations.


Ice & Snow Removal

Our signature snow melt is perfect for your home. It is non-toxic and safe for people and pets alike. It also won't harm your asphalt, concrete, brick, stone, or pavers!

What Your Neighbors Think

“My first experience with Be Green Pro will most certainly not be my last. They are professional, courteous, and very patient with the ever changing weather. ... I also bought their pet-safe salt for winter since we have two dogs and cat who thinks he’s a dog and they are always outside. Highly recommend these guys for anything and everything they can do to help your yard look amazing!!

Kelly Hendrix

We have them do Mosquito spraying for our yard every year and we almost never feel mosquitoes anymore. It really is remarkable because part of our property is literally considered wetlands by the DNR. Plus mosquitoes actually tend to breed in wet areas. How Be Green does it idk but it’s a lot better than mosquitoes or bug spray and it’s also made a huge difference for us. Give them a call and don’t let the bugs ever bug you again!

Matt Gilson

I have been using them for years. I have two small dogs, and I feel safe letting them out after a weed treatment because of how they treat my lawn. I also get compliments on how good my lawn looks. Now my neighbors use them as well!

Jonathan Synovic

"Be Green has been such an amazing company to work with. The customer service has been outstanding and every technician that has come to our home for both lawn care, grass seeding, and mosquito control has been so kind, thorough, and knowledgeable. I am very happy with their service and our lawn looks lush and green because of their work. I couldn’t recommend them enough!"

Meghan Thwaits

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Our Promise To You.

We’re always transparent with our customers, and even brutally honest. We use the most environmentally friendly products and techniques. However, sometimes a certain pest, fungus, or disease requires “heavier artillery” that can be classified as a toxin. Should that happen, we use dosages, timing, and application techniques that will get the job done with minimal negative impact on people, pets, properties, and the planet. We’re totally committed to always “Be Green”.

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Be Green Pro is a veteran-owned, woman-owned business serving Southeastern Wisconsin.

About Us

A Company that loves Merton

Choosing Be Green Pro LLC means you’re choosing a company that’s as committed to the environment as you are. We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients, offering personalized services tailored to meet their specific lawn care needs. Our trained, experienced, and friendly professionals will deliver the highest quality services, guaranteeing your lawn stays green, healthy, and beautiful throughout the year. Be Green Pro LLC’s consistent dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with our eco-friendly approach, makes us the perfect partner in maintaining and enhancing the beauty of Merton’s lawns.

Treatment #1: Early Spring (April/May)

Nutrient-rich wake-up call for your lawn; replenishes depleted soil following winter dormancy, and allows for deeper root mass and density needed for healthy spring growth.

Treatment #3: Late Summer/ Early Fall (July/Aug/Sept)

Nutrients enhance your lawn’s immune system to endure heat, drought and slower growing conditions as well as an increase in disease and insect activity.

Treatment #2: Late Spring (May/June/July)

Builds strength and stamina to protect and maintain through harsh summer conditions of heat, humidity, and drought. A separate grub control treatment eliminates beetles at their infant stage (grubs).


Treatment #4: Fall Winterization (Oct/Nov)

One of the most important treatments of the year; delivers nutrients to get your lawn through its winter hibernation so it wakes up in the Spring healthy and vibrant.

What Sets Us Apart

As the premier eco-friendly lawn care company in Merton, Be Green Pro LLC’s primary focus is on sustainability without compromising the quality of our services. Our commitment to being green is not just a name, but a philosophy that we incorporate in every aspect of our operations. We utilize organic fertilizers and eco-friendly techniques, ensuring that our services are not only effective, but also safe for you, your pets, and the environment.

Nurturing Merton's Environment Beyond Lawns

At Be Green Pro LLC, we don’t just maintain lawns, we cultivate relationships with the environment. Our philosophy extends beyond the boundaries of our clients’ yards and into the broader community of Merton. We actively participate in local environmental initiatives and aim to educate our clients about the benefits of sustainable lawn care practices. We believe in fostering a community that cherishes its green spaces and is actively involved in their conservation. With our eco-friendly services, we’re not just providing lawn care, but we’re also contributing to a sustainable future for Merton.

Leading with Eco-Friendly Expertise and Innovation

Our team at Be Green Pro LLC is equipped with the latest tools and training to handle all lawn care challenges. Despite the complexity of the task at hand, our team never compromises on environmental safety. All our products are certified eco-friendly and we strictly adhere to the industry’s best practices. Our professionals will ensure that every service is performed efficiently and responsibly, always with your lawn’s best interest at heart. With Be Green Pro LLC taking care of your lawn, you’re not just ensuring a beautiful yard, but you’re also investing in a healthier, more sustainable Merton.


Latest News & Blog

Patti Beres 3

Notable Leader in Sustainability

Patti Beres Patti Beres, the visionary founder of Be Green Pro, exemplifies true sustainability in lawn care, as attested by Art Flater, a satisfied client


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