Melt Away Your Winter Worries With Be Green!

October 15, 2020

Snow Way!

With heavy snowfalls in Wisconsin, it is no wonder our state uses an average of 560,000 tons of salt each season. Although salt can immediately cut through frost and ice covering our roads, it can also cause an avalanche of problems.

Pets can be poisoned if they eat the salt, the ice melt is corrosive to the foundation and surfaces of your home, salt and chlorides will kill your plants including grass and trees, the runoff can pollute natural waterways, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

You’ve Got To Be Flaking Me!

Our ice melt is designed to to be safer for people, pets & property!

We’re not like “the other guys”. You won’t find magnesium chloride or calcium chloride in our products. Our products:

Need more melting power?

We’ve got you covered ! Our commercial grade ice melt:

Our ice melt is so safe that we use it at our own homes, on our own lawns, with our own pets.


Be Green Pro CK9


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