We’re your go-to people for all things green.

Whether it’s your lawn, trees, shrub, or pest issues – we’re ready to help you with power-packed solutions. No matter what season.

Patti is totally obsessed with nature, and the intertwined delicate balance of people, pets, wildlife, and the environment. She founded Be Green Pro as a way to do her part to respect that balance, and to educate people about healthy options for landscaping and lawn care. By the way, she’s also a Veteran.

Patti Beres, CEO Be Green Pro

Patti Beres

CEO Be Green Pro

Meet Our Team

Robbie Beres

Director of Business Development
Robbie IS green – and we’re not talking about a lack of experience! Robbie has worked in every aspect of the business and he is continually monitoring studies about the health risks associated with common lawn chemicals. He’s relentless about helping people to have thick, healthy, stunning landscapes without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Rob Beres

Lawn and Landscape Expert
Rob is The Plant Guy. He’s the in-house expert in lawn and landscape care. He’s worked in almost every aspect of the industry, from field technician, to fertilizer formulation. He has a thorough understanding of the power of nutrients vs pesticides, and loves helping families make responsible choices. When he is not helping us he enjoys full time employment with Central Region Cooperative located in Sleepy Eye, MN where his extensive understanding of fertilizer formulations is utilized on a daily basis for retail business and distribution sales.

Brett Kowalchuck

Field Technician
Brett is an “outdoors guy”. He loves that he gets to work outside in the fresh air every day, and even more that he gets to offer families earth-friendly solutions. Brett is state-licensed and certified through the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection in all categories 3.0, 5.0, and 7.1.

David Gallenberger

Production Manager
David loves the environment, and when he learned what Be Green Pro stands for, he knew he had to be a part of our team – people who share his passion for earth-friendly solutions. He’s passionate about taking care of our customers, and helping them to be green.

Mary Gilson

Office Administrator
Mary is the cheerful voice on the other end of the phone when you call Be Green Pro. If you’ve got questions, she either has the answer, or she knows where to get it. She’s your link to our experts and to our quality control department.

Mikaela Trexell

Mikaela is our up-and-coming entomologist (which means she’s really into bugs and the study of insect biology). Her love for the environment and her interest in how insects might attack landscapes makes her a perfect addition to the Be Green Pro team.

Josh Kempken

Be Green Pro's up and coming master tech is dedicated to bringing our wonderful customers his very best. Josh is a client favorite who brightens the moods of many, always smiling and bringing a positive atmosphere while on properties or back at the shop. Joshua specializes in All Natural Insect Management and is our resident expert at keeping clients bug free! He is always excited to go above and beyond to bring customers knowledgeable, respectful service. He truly brings out the best in people and their properties! Aside from work, Joshua is a car enthusiast who enjoys the track, both as a spectator, and in pursuit of his own passion to drive the car he is currently restoring.

Grant Farley

Grant Farley has a passion for the outdoors and keeping well-groomed landscapes! His love for the beauty of neatly trimmed golf courses and enjoyment of the game as a pastime, sets the example he provides as a standard of perfection for client's properties. He chose to bring his talent to Be Green Pro due to our environmentally friendly philosophies and low chemical footprint for both customers and employees. He says, "That's something we all can appreciate." When not outdoors, Grant enjoys making and producing music.

Zellie Godwin

Zellie is our “excellence” guy, always going above and beyond for his customers. He has a heart for discussing environmental impact and loves taking time to answer questions about how people can make a difference that extends far beyond their own backyards.