Lawn Alert: Leaf Blight Near You!

June 28, 2020


There is a fungus among us. Right now, our eagle-eyed Be Green technicians have spotted something called Ascochyta Leaf Blight on lawns in our area. Unfortunately, we think this may be widespread.

The Bad News: The blight is a fungal disease spread by spores that create an unattractive blemish in your lawn (pictured above).

The Good News: Ascochyta Leaf Blight is temporary.

FIVE FACTS you need to know about Ascochyta Leaf Blight:

DON’T PANIC. The blight is unpredictable and rapid, so professional treatment is not necessarily recommended. There is no preventative. Your lawn will recover in 2-3 weeks and there is rarely serious damage since it only attacks the grass leaf.

Here’s what you can do:

At Be Green Pro, we are proud to be your lawn care partners. If you have questions about your Ascochyta Leaf Blight, your lawn, or any concerns with what you’re seeing on your property, please get in touch. We’re available by phone or email.

Founder and CEO


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