And The Award for Best Lawn Goes To….

July 18, 2020

Want the best lawn in town?

Today, we’re sharing our secrets on how to make your lawn thick, lush, healthy and green.

1) Aeration – We can’t stress how important this step is. Aeration breaks up the soil and thatch buildup, which can do wonders for your lawn! Not only will this allow water and nutrients to penetrate deeper which allows your grass to grow stronger, it also helps prevent nasty fungal pathogens like Ascochyta leaf blight. Fall aeration and overseed helps recondition your soil, setting you up for a beautiful spring.

2) Fertilization – Just like your body, grass needs proper nutrients to stay strong and healthy. Unlike “the other guys” who deliver one giant burst of fertilizer whose effects don’t last long, our Be Green special blend of slow release fertilizer gives your lawn exactly what it needs right when it needs it.

3) Pest Management – This is a big one! As your lawn care partners, we understand you may have pesky and troublesome insects but you’re also balancing your own health as well as the health of your family and pets. Never fear! We use an all-natural insect treatment to get rid of bugs that bother you such as mosquitoes and ticks, as well as annoying spiders, ants and beetles. The best part? Pets and kids can return to the lawn after the application dries, about 15 minutes!

If you’re frustrated with a thin, yellowing lawn, summer heat damage, insect infestations, bare spots or pet damage, we’re here to help. Call us at 262-360-4034 for a FREE estimate or email us at [email protected]