Insect & Pest Services

Natural Insect Service (Mosquito and Ticks, Spiders)

We use a chemical free essential oil based treatment that is long lasting, cost effective, and effectively manages:

Low Toxicity Booster Insect Treatment

(Beetles, Ants, Stink Bugs, Box Elder Bugs, Spiders)

Some invasive insects such as Japanese Beetles require targeted treatment with our Low Toxicity Booster Insect Treatment. We have chosen products that are gentle on the environment, but tough on pests.

Our lawn treatments work effectively to stop beetles in their infant stage as grubs. However, they may still invade from neighbors’ yards. This Low Toxicity Booster Insect Treatment will combat them in their adult stage, which is when they do their most damage.

Power Combo Lawn + Insect Plan

All-Natural Insect Service + Signature Lawn Care Program (BEST VALUE!)

Natural Deer Repellent

We apply an all-natural deterrent to protect your landscape from hungry deer.

Rodent Control

We use a low-toxicity treatment that can help to prevent rodents from burrowing around and feasting on the roots of your healthy landscape.