Snow Pro Pet Friendly Ice Melter

Small smooth uniform grains are easy on the paws
and designed to not track into the house

Non-toxic and taste deterrent formula protects your pets
just in case they get curious

Damage prevention with our non-abrasive, non-corrosive,
non-petroleum base saves you money

Non-staining, water soluble pattern indicator
allows for easy spreading

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Most ice melters contain salt, which can harm pets, humans, and the environment. Snow Pro is completely salt-free and is recommended by veterinarians (won’t burn pets’ paws, and is safe if they happen to ingest.) It is non-toxic, safe on asphalt, concrete, brick, stone, and pavers with a proprietary tracking agent to prevent slips and falls. Time-release formula leaves an invisible “shield” that prevents ice from sticking for up to 3 days. Use before or after the storm to make shoveling easier! This product is exclusive to Be Green Pro, and ships in the Continental US only.

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