1 Pail + 1 Shaker – BGP Snow Pro – Pet Friendly Ice Melter (Value package 3)


1 Pail + 1 Shaker – BGP Snow Pro – Pet Friendly Ice Melter (Value package 3)


1 (25lb Pails) + 1 (8lb Shaker Jug)

Free Delivery included* (tax not included)

Be Green Snow Pro ZERO Chloride Ice Melt

Safer for People, Pets, Properties, Plants and the Planet!

  • Formulated right here in Lake County EXCLUSIVELY by Be Green Pro -Unique from any Ice Melt available on the market.
  • All-natural, food-grade, non-abrasive, non-corrosive, non-chloride, non-sodium, and non-petroleum based.
  • Non-Toxic formula contains a taste deterrent to help protect curious kids and pets.
  • Non-staining natural pattern indicator for easy spreading – use less – saves time and money.
  • Non-corrosive formula is is safer for delicate surfaces, including concrete, wood, and stone.
  • Small, smooth, uniform-shaped granules limits tracking indoors – no more messy clean-up.
  • Time-released for Longer Lasting Melting Power reduces pavement damaging freeze/thaw cycles.
  • No rough, jagged edges – small, smooth, granules are easy on paws and outdoor surfaces.
  • SAFER than Salt, Chlorides and other ice melting products – less damaging to your property!

Most ice melters contain salt, which can harm pets, humans, and the environment. Snow Pro is completely salt-free and is recommended by veterinarians (won’t burn pets’ paws, and is safe if they happen to ingest.) It is non-toxic, safe on asphalt, concrete, brick, stone, and pavers with a proprietary tracking agent to prevent slips and falls. Time-release formula leaves an invisible “shield” that prevents ice from sticking for up to 3 days. Use before or after the storm to make shoveling easier! This product is exclusive to Be Green Pro, and ships in the Continental US only.

Salt and Chloride Ice Melt ….. Did you know?

  • Many “pet safe” ice melts contain salt, chlorides, additives, and dyes which can be harmful if swallowed by people or pets, and cause damage to plants, surfaces and properties. Be Green Snow Pro does not contain these items.
  • Ice melt is an unregulated industry – labels can be misleading.
  • Salt and chlorides don’t just damage pets’ paws – Sodium ingestion occurs when pets lick paws to soothe, which can cause serious digestive issues.
  • Salt and chlorides concentration increases in our lakes and rivers every year.
  • Salt and chlorides are toxic to sensitive aquatic life.
  • Salt and chlorides can stop or kill plant growth and change soil composition.
  • Freeze and thaw cycles and jagged edges from salt and chloride particles can weaken concrete and brick and erode metals, decking and other surfaces.

Be Green Snow Pro Does the Job Responsibly and Effectively.