Rodent Control Services

Rodents, especially mice can be a real nuisance.  As temperatures begin to drop, they find their way into the house and chew through walls, cables and wires, not to mention leaving behind droppings. On top of the damage and mess they cause, mice are known to carry disease and can contaminate food.

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If you have a rodent problem or see signs of activity, call Be Green Pro.  Our expert technicians will come to your home, assess the problem and consult with you on the appropriate control technique.  The Be Green Pro technician will then strategically place traps to give you the most effective control.  Not only that, Be Green Pro utilizes state of the art, humane traps that are safe for people and pets.  You don’t have to worry about poison in your home!

Continued control is achieved through our monthly visits during which the Be Green Pro technician will check the traps, validate trap mechanical condition, and evaluate trap placement.  With Be Green, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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