Lawn and Garden Services

Be Green Pro offers three categories of lawn and garden services to residential and commercial clients: Organic Lawn Care Services, All Natural Pest Management Services, and Tree and Shrub Care. We provide residential and commercial properties with responsible yard care and excellent results. Expand economic and ecological value for yourself and community by supporting local, small, professional, family owned and sustainable business. Enjoy respectful, knowledgeable, expertise from certified and insured professionals, who live and work in your area, backed by over 25 years experience and continued educational research.

With Be Green Pro, you’ll appreciate competitive pricing, time saving benefits and gratifying overall satisfaction from increased property beauty, value and curb appeal where the lives that matter to you most live, work, or play.

Organic Lawn Care Services

Organic Lawn Care Services include nutrient rich, organic based, slow release fertilizer and management of weeds, pests and disease per your specific needs and preferences. Our services are customized to meet your specific need to help grow healthier, thicker, and greener lawns that naturally resist weeds and diseases.

Organic Lawn Care Services

All Natural Pest Management Services

All Natural Insect Management is a chemical free, long lasting and cost effective essential oil based treatment. Each application successfully manages a variety of nuisance insects such as Ticks, Mosquitoes, Chiggers and Fleas - but will not harm beneficial insects such as Honey Bees, Butterflies and Earthworms.

All Natural Pest Management Services - Mosquito

Tree and Shrub Care Services

Just like all living things, trees and shrubs are susceptible to disease and insect damage if they aren’t kept healthy and strong. Proper care for trees and shrubs will help protect your plants and keep them beautiful. We provide treatments for Emerald Ash Borer, Japanese Beetle Infestation, Needle Cast and many more issues along with pruning, mulching, and fertilization.

Tree and Shrub Care

“THANK you for a great service this past Summer. I have seen a marked improvement in my lawn with “Like Miracle” results from the work that Be Green has provided over the Summer. I cut again yesterday, probably not the last time before the snow (Whoops S word) starts flying, but as I was cutting a huge smile came over my face. The lawn already looks very good after one Summer with Be Green Service. I am looking forward already to next year and the results continued service will/should bring. We have NICE grass/lawn and will only get better! THANK you Be Green for all of your hard work from responsible and reliable techs, and management.”

- Tom & Susan Hefner

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