Conditions Of Service

Details about what you can expect from your Be Green Pro, LLC


Service & Conditions of Service


1. Service Expectations – Service Technicians from Be Green Pro, LLC make every effort to provide professional, knowledgeable, and courteous service within the limits of the natural world. Environmental conditions including weather temperature and moisture may delay or affect the timing of service.  Be Green Pro, LLC works toward the process of creating healthier environments with continued care to build healthier soil profiles, thicker lawns that are more resistant to weeds, insects, diseases and drought, and overall environmental awareness of healthier lawn and yard practices. Results will vary depending on conditions. Homeowners are responsible for giving specific instructions regarding unique service requests, unusual lot lines, or service parameters.


2. Property Care Partnership – Be Green Pro, LLC is a property care partner.  We will visit and provide service according to our client’s specific proposed contract. We welcome and rely on client interaction and communication to effectively keep us informed of client questions, satisfaction, or unusual property conditions between our visits. Be Green Pro will also provide newsletters and other suggestions for healthier care home practices, such as mowing, which affects the outcome of care results. Be Green Pro, LLC encourages interactive communication to discuss client expectations and makes every effort for a positive client experience. We guarantee better yards and environments with safer products and services whenever possible but not perfect immediate results. Please contact Be Green Pro, LLC immediately if your technician or our service does not meet our written or expressed policy standards or your satisfaction.


3. Service Notification – Be Green Pro, LLC will use email as the standard method of communication unless the client opts to receive text messaging or a phone call ahead of service. Service Notice will include details for the service, an invoice for scheduled services and the week service is scheduled to be performed.  All clients may choose one or more methods of contact to receive our service message. Be Green Pro, LLC will send the text message opt-in via email upon request.


4. Service Contract Details and Prices – All Be Green Pro, LLC services and prices are mutually agreed upon according to a yearly seasonal contract which can be cancelled at any time. Contracts will automatically renew from season to season unless our client requests cancellation in writing.  There may or may not be price changes from season to season. Each client is responsible for checking their chosen method of communication for review of their Yearly Contract and Service Notice messages from Be Green Pro, LLC. Scheduled service details and invoice pricing will always be included with the Yearly Contract and Service Notice messages. The client is responsible for previewing service details and invoice prices prior to arrival for service from Be Green Pro, LLC. Questions or cancellations regarding the contract, services or pricing must be made prior to the performance of service by contacting Be Green Pro, LLC at 262-361-4034 or


5. Pricing, Invoicing and Payment  – Be Green Pro, LLC will adhere to contacted prices for the current season for currently contracted services. Price changes from season to season will be sent in writing prior to service. All payments for services provided are due at the time of service.  Invoices for impending services are available prior to service and will be included with the Service Notice for preview. The customer is responsible for review of invoice upon notification. Discrepancy in prices or services should be communicated prior to service taking place. Be Green Pro offers several convenient payment options such as Pre-payments with discounts, Credit Card, Auto-pay and Monthly Installments. A client web portal is available to view account details. Payment not received within 30 days following services may be subject to an additional 3% finance charge or fees for professional collection efforts by an outside source. By providing a valid credit or debit card, client is expressly authorizing all services products and equipment charges and fees to be charged to such payment card, including recurring payments billed on a monthly installment or annual basis. In addition, client’s provided credit card shall be used for any newly ordered purchases of additional services, products and equipment, or upon completion of service or product and equipment delivery, and may include finance or overage charges according to the Be Green Pro, LLC terms of service.


6. Service Rescheduling – If the service time frame shown on the Service Notice message is not convenient for our client, Be Green Pro, LLC is happy to reschedule if notified prior to arrival at the service property location.  If service is denied after arrival at the service location a $25.00 stop charge will be assessed. Be Green Pro, LLC provides pre-notification options to allow plenty of time for rescheduling options.


7. Service or Contract Cancellation – All service or contract cancellations with Be Green Pro, LLC must be received in writing prior to arrival at service property location to avoid the $25.00 stop charge or charge of performed service. Any service accidentally performed by Be Green Pro, LLC in error or after written cancellation is received will be at no charge to the client. If client fails to notify Be Green Pro, LLC in writing prior to performance of a scheduled and notified Service, all fees for the service are due and payable by the client. Be Green Pro, LLC is not responsible for cancellation or duplication of service from other providers. Be Green Pro, LLC provides an open-end contact for continuous service from year to year with automatic renewal until client cancellation occurs in writing. All payments are due at the time of contract cancellation including any remaining outstanding balance for installment payment agreements.


8. Service Obstacles – Be Green Pro, LLC  is not responsible for moving obstacles in or around the service area, unless specified in the client contract, including leaves, animal waste, lawn furniture, toys, trampolines, etc. Arrangements can be made to accommodate obstacle removal at an additional charge. When leaf coverage is on the ground, Be Green Pro, LLC will determine if service can effectively be provided in the current condition or whether rescheduling is necessary which may result in an additional stop charge. An attempt will be made while on the property to discuss with the client. Leaf removal is available with advanced notice at an additional charge.


9. Fences & Irrigation – Be Green Pro, LLC will enter and close fenced or gated areas within the service perimeter upon request and with permission from the client. Client is responsible for providing entry instructions. Each client is responsible for checking the locked position and security of fenced or gated areas following each service visit from Be Green Pro, LLC. Clients are responsible for giving special instructions regarding yard structures such as pool or garden areas and notifying Be Green Pro, LLC of underground or invisible obstacles such as electric wired fences or irrigation systems.


10. Service Posting – Be Green Pro, LLC is required by law to post after each service application if any amount of chemical usage has occurred. The posting remains the same no matter the level of rated toxicity. Services with no chemical usage will not be posted. State law requires a recommendation that any treated areas should be avoided for usage until the next day per guidelines on the posting signage.


11. Insect Services & Special Services – Be Green Pro’s All Natural Insect Programs work to continually reduce insect populations over time with each consecutive treatment.  While one treatment can be effective for a short period of time, or a singular event, Be Green cannot guarantee the results.  The specified service program is strongly recommended for maximum results. Some specialty services provided by Be Green Pro, LLC, such as (not limited to) Aeration with over-seeding, may require additional instructions for homeowner interaction in order to achieve a successful outcome and reasonable expectations. Homeowners are responsible for giving special instructions regarding yard structures such as pool or garden areas and notifying Be Green Pro, LLC of underground or invisible obstacles such as electric wired fences or irrigation systems.


12. Product Disclosure – Be Green Pro, LLC makes every attempt to research products known to have effective results with low impact on environmental toxicity. All products are EPA registered when required. Each product or service provided by Be Green Pro, LLC will be disclosed at the time of service with a detailed email copy of the service record including the customer invoice.  All service records are kept on file for two years. Clients have the right to request a hard copy of the service record, invoice, or ask for product labels at any time up to two years. We encourage clients to visit our website approved product page,  or conduct their own personal product research. Be Green Pro, LLC cares, listens, and appreciates client discussions, suggestions and recommendations regarding products and services.