How to Know Which Grass is Best

May 03, 2021

For most Midwestern people, whether you own a home or not, turf grass is part of your life. It can affect air and water, it surrounds the places we live and work and it is often an integral part of our recreational space. Many people have a true affection for the comfort, beauty and value […]


The Truth About Deer Antlers

April 23, 2021

Taking a spring nature walk? Keep an eye out for antlers!  Antlers are prized by hunters, nature enthusiasts and even some dog lovers! Antlers may seem very similar to horns, but did you know there are many differences? While both boney structures continue to grow during the animal’s life, antlers are shed and regrown each year. Deer shed their antlers in early spring, so now is the perfect time to […]


Stink Bugs – The Simple Smelly Truth and 10 Ways to Stop Them

November 15, 2020

The Simple Smelly Truth Autumn arrives with bold colors, cool temperatures and yikes…. an explosion of unwanted visits from brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSB). These Asian natives are invasive to the United States, have few natural predators and spread rapidly by finding cracks and crevices in homes and businesses to hide and reproduce. Simply, they […]


To Leave or Not to Leave

October 15, 2020

Our promise to you is that every time we are on your lawn, you will see an improvement. Fall fertilization and insect management are the most important applications of the year so we want to make sure these treatments count!  Click here to learn more: Over the next few weeks, our techs ask that you clear […]


Winter is Coming…

September 10, 2020

All living things require food, water, and air for survival. That being said, there are a smorgasbord of choices available to help not only keep us alive but thrive. Many of us have the access and ability to make healthy nutritional choices. We can educate ourselves about good nutrition, read labels, and seek a healthy […]


Your Questions about Aeration and Overseed *ANSWERED!*

August 12, 2020

What is aeration anyway? Aeration is the process of creating air space in your lawn to break up compact soil which allows water, nutrients, and roots to penetrate deeper into the ground. The result is an all-natural way to a thicker, healthier lawn. What are the benefits of aerating? Your grass will grow stronger and […]


New Home Owners: Three Tips for Incredible Sod

August 06, 2020

Sod is typically used in residential construction to establish a lawn quickly. While it may seem like a one-size-fits-all solution for new homeowners, sod comes with some challenges. The good news is that they can be easily managed with the proper care following installation. As your lawn care partner, we’ll help you keep your sod […]


Lawn Alert: Shape-shifting Slime in Your Yard?

July 30, 2020

Lawn alerts tell you what the BGP Team are seeing right now on area lawns. It’s a lump! Wait, now it’s a fungus? Bright yellow and maybe bad. It’s a slime mold! Despite its dangerous (and disgusting) neon appearance, this group of shape-shifting organisms doesn’t cause any turf diseases! Often seen as a lumpy mass […]


The Grass Is Always Greener…with our best mowing tips!

July 23, 2020

In our last blog post, we covered some of the treatments and services that can help your lawn look its best. But since mowing is something you are likely to do yourself, we wanted to share our answers to the top questions we get about mowing. Sharpen the Saw Q: What can I do to […]