When? Snow? Crab grass?

Answers about Spring Applications

It’s not too late. Spring is here even though it doesn’t feel like it. Soil temperatures determine when it is best for Be Green Pro to care for your lawn. Spring lawns need a special blend of high nutrient fertilizer to thrive.  As your lawn care partner, we are always looking out for you and the environment.  We do not apply your first round until the perma-frost in the soil has receded to at least 3 inches.  Doing so allows for proper absorption of the nutrients we are applying.  What about rain and snow?  We make sure lawn is clear of snow or standing water before we apply.

Spring services applied before snow, rain or cool temperatures do not lose effectiveness. The nutrients used, when applied in these conditions, are absorbed and held dormant until needed.  Moisture from melting snow or rain will help the fertilizer and crab grass pre-emergent do their work!

Be Green applies low toxicity pre-emergent to keep unsightly crab grass from sprouting in warm weather.  The pre-emergent is effective when applied before soil temperatures reach a consistent level of  55 degrees F for more than 5 days. Lawns needing spring grass seeding or aeration with over-seeding, will receive a nutrient rich fertilize in place of the crab grass pre-emergent to allow the new grass to germinate and thrive.

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